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What is Hooked on Spelling

Hooked on Spelling introduces learners to common spelling patterns through fun activities and gameplay, giving them a chance to practice their newly learned spelling skills.

Interactive Games

Highly Effective, Incredibly Fun

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Works Wherever You Are

Interactive Games

The App can be downloaded to mobile devices, desktop computers, and syncs in realtime for use on-the-go.

Plus, download lessons in advance and use it offline (road trip, anyone?).

About Hooked on Spelling

  • Perfect for kindergarten, 1st, and struggling 2nd grade spellers (ages 5-8)
  • Use on multiple devices–pick up where you left off on-the-go
  • Add multiple learners and track progress individually

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Key App Features

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

At every step of the Hooked on Spelling program, you can track your child’s progress. Kids can clearly see how far they have come on their reading journey and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Rewards System

Rewards Kids Crave

Your child’s progress in the App unlocks silly, pure-fun interactive rewards that kids love to earn. And with every reward earned, their skills are getting stronger!

Rewards System

3x the Learning for the Price of One

Get the most from your subscription by activating up to THREE Learners in the App for no extra cost! Each child’s progress and rewards are tracked individually, so your whole family = math superstars.