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Can your child:

  • Count up to 20 objects
  • Understand ‘more’ and ‘less’
  • Recognize that the number 5 can be used to represent 5 objects in front of them (“There are five rocks.”)

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Your child will read, guaranteed! Hooked on Phonics uses a proven, simple and fun method to teach critical reading skills. Developed by leading educators, each session takes just 20 minutes or less. Join 5 million+ children who are getting better grades.


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Here's what's in a Practice Pack

Practice Pack

What is Hooked on Math

From the makers of Hooked on Phonics, Hooked on Math helps learners unlock their own potential through adventures in foundational math concepts.

Kids earn rewards for completing activities, encounter thoughtful review to solidify skills, and have tons of fun learning how to count up and down, add, subtract, skip count, estimate, use doubles, learn place value, and more!

Interactive Games

About Hooked on Math

  • Animated music videos mix with fun instructional videos to get kids excited about math
  • Tons of interactive games give kids direct practice with new math skills
  • Perfect for Pre-K through 3rd Grade
  • Practice Packs take math learning to the next level with fun pencil-to-paper practice
  • Up to three learners are included with one subscription AND
  • Hooked on Phonics and Hooked on Spelling programs are also INCLUDED

From The Makers Of:

Makers OF

Also included, Hooked on Spelling App access!

Hooked on Spelling is now included in the Hooked on Math App with no additional cost to you!  Help your child learn a whole new important skill. Fun games and videos help your child master spelling, and can be used alongside our Learn to Read portion of the App.


Works Wherever You Are

Interactive Games

The App can be downloaded to mobile devices, desktop computers, and syncs in realtime for use on-the-go.

Plus, download lessons in advance and use it offline (road trip, anyone?).

Key App Features

Progress Tracking

Progress Reports

You’ll receive weekly emails detailing your child’s progress in the App, so you can support them when needed and celebrate every success!

Rewards System

Rewards Kids Crave

Your child’s progress in the App unlocks silly, pure-fun interactive rewards that kids love to earn. And with every reward earned, their skills are getting stronger!

Rewards System

3x the Learning for the Price of One

Get the most from your subscription by activating up to THREE Learners in the App for no extra cost! Each child’s progress and rewards are tracked individually, so your whole family = math superstars.