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Parents have trusted Hooked on Phonics to teach their children to read for 35 years. Our highly effective, incredibly fun system is guaranteed to have your child reading in 30 days, and you can try it for just $1!

  • Perfect for ages 3-8.
  • App with monthly shipments of storybooks, workbooks, and more.
  • Practice Packs are geared towards your child's App progress.
  • Hooked on Spelling AND Hooked on Math are now INCLUDED in your subscription!

App + Monthly Practice Packs

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What do I get monthly?

  • Monthly Practice Packs mailed to your door including:
    • One 32-page workbook coinciding with app progress
    • 2-3 storybooks for hands-on reading
    • Celebration stickers for a job well done

First Month for just $1


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Hooked on Math

Your child will discover new fantastic lands as they make their way through a full numeracy curriculum. They'll earn prizes for moving through levels and will be encouraged to review skills for even more exclusive awards.


Hooked on Spelling

Hooked on Spelling introduces your child to common spelling patterns through fun activites and gameplay, giving them a chance to practice their newly learned spelling skills.

What Parents are Saying


My little six year old daughter went into first grade struggling to read. She would get so frustrated! She began separate lessons at school to help her catch up, but I wanted to do more. I decided to start her on the Hooked on Phonics program at home, to see if it would help her gain confidence in her reading. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did! We have been doing the program for a few months now but she has already moved up two reading levels and can sound out most age-appropriate words on her own. Definitely recommend!

Testimonial 2

As a reading teacher, I can say that Hooked on Phonics offers excellent resources that align to the Science of Reading and offer parents what they need to support their child. My daughter’s school has doubled down on a terrible reading program that pushes developmentally inappropriate skills in kindergarten such as word memorization. Thanks to Hooked on Phonics, I can remediate her at home and build up her reading knowledge in an appropriate way. If you have ANY concerns about your child’s reading, don’t think twice- subscribe to Hooked on Phonics!


People! Listen up! This is by far the BEST way to build literacy skills! I’m a 90s baby and I grew up on Hooked on Phonics. Now I get to share the same experience with my child! This platform is incredible to use, my son is 5 and has developed phonemic awareness, letter recognition and can write! Through the use of HOP, he has developed a love for literacy and that is a mother’s DREAM!

Testimonial 2

Hooked on Phonics has been around for years and there's a reason for that...because it does work! It has made reading fun for my child. The lessons holds my child's interest! Best thing we ever bought our child! Learning can be fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, your child doesn’t need to know the alphabet! The program will take care of that. Your child will be able to practice the alphabet through various alphabet activities and learn both upper and lowercase letters. If your child already does know the alphabet and letter sounds, the app will automatically place them at the right starting point.
We’ve worked hard to continue updating our program throughout the years so the program always stays up-to-date! With that, the Hooked on Phonics program is in alignment with Common Core’s expectations for focus and coherence.

The new version also has many more layers to it. There is now something for every kind of learning style:

For Visual learners, there are videos that illustrate the concepts, allowing children to follow along in their workbooks as they watch.

For Auditory learners, there are silly, catchy, sing-along songs to help children remember the concepts being taught.

For Physical (Kinesthetic) learners, there are flash cards and suggestions for activities using real-world objects. In addition, there are interactive online games so children can interact with the words and practice their skills.

Along with program updates, we developed our new Learn to Read mobile app, so kids can easily learn how to read on smartphones and tablets.
Absolutely! With each subscription to the Hooked on Phonics program, you’ll receive physical supplemental materials monthly for one child, but you’ll have access to the entire app for up to three children on up to three devices. Each child’s progress is tracked separately so you can help all of your kids at the same time! If you’d like to receive physical materials for multiple children, please reach out to us for purchase options.
We recommend that for most children, once they've worked through the Pre-reader section and are working successfully in the Learn to Read section of the App, they may start using Hooked on Spelling lessons in parallel. Working on phonics and spelling skills at the same time is a wonderful way to increase the variety in lessons to make the time more fun for your kiddos, and to layer on complementary skills as they progress. Some families use Hooked on Spelling after completion of the Learn to Read program, but your child should have a strong foundation to start jumping into Spelling lessons once they've started the Learn to Read section.

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